News at DiRita's

by Merinda Di Rita


We have made it our life long passion to serve quality food and drink here in the heart of St.Ives, in a welcoming environment.  Our goal is to create dishes using local, fresh & seasonal ingredients taking age old recipes past down through generations while being open to our ever changing modern world.  We hope you will become lifelong customers here at Di Rita's embracing our culture to "Eat Well, Live Well, Love Life" through our desires to reconnect with nature and our passion for food.

Our Pizza Pasta Wine Restaurant has nearly been open a year and as you know we are due to launch the long awaited Da Vinci Restaurant (named this due to our beautiful painting of Leonardo by talented Artist Pablo Renauld - this restaurant is simply all about relaxing over fresh quality food and taking your time over every course. This is a separate restaurant to the Pizza Pasta Wine Restaurant at the front of the building - with a different menu offering.  We hope to announce this opening in the next few days!

Our Bakery provides fresh daily organic bread baked by our bakers and out of the oven by 9am Wed to Saturday (Sunday from 10am).  Our famous Sofia the Sourdough has performed even better in our new location.  Our fresh boutique cakes and our morning cornetto (croissants) and lunch can be enjoyed amongst our beautiful Edwardian ceilings.  Pick up a pot of Di Rita's signature pasta sauce, deli meats and cheese and fresh bread at any point in the day - (our fresh bread goes pretty quickly in the mornings!)- we have so much passion in all we do and we hope this shines through in all our dishes, cakes, coffees etc!