'There's nothing like a real Pizza and DiRita's proves it with every order'


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You can now enjoy Di Rita's Pizzas in our Pizza Pasta Wine Restaurant (something we could not do at our old location). We believe Pizza should be enjoyed round a table and not rushed.  You often see chefs behind the deli of an evening using our impressive meat slicer with a big joint of Parma ham... this is because when a customer orders a pizza the toppings are freshly sliced to order.  All meats, cheeses are delivered directly to us from Naples and there's no question you can tell the difference in the quality of our toppings which we are extremely proud of... not to mention our fresh wet mozzarella which is torn for each individual pizza order.  The dough is treated in accordance to the outside daily temperatures... pizza is a science and should be made with passion. 


The buzzy restaurant demonstrates what happens when our chefs handle the pizzas with the same gravitas as fine dining.  All our dough is left to slowly rise for 24-48 hours for a very light and airy sourdough pizza.  Our unique dough recipe along with our pastas, meat, fish dishes plus some exciting desserts from our bakery which is now all under the same roof and the team are cooking some of the best dishes yet! It is our value and mission to create a place in St.Ives who prepares only fresh food on the premises without adding nasty  preservatives into any of our bakery goods. What we eat is so important and it means everything to us. 


A place where you can pop in for your daily loaf of bread and a coffee or stay for a full on meal!


Our Da Vinci Restaurant which is located at the back of the Bank is where our beautiful Afternoon Teas can be enjoyed and can be booked for private dining experienes for parties.  This restaurant will open in due course as our second restaurant with a different menu from the Pizza Pasta Wine Restaurant.