The Truth Behind Di Rita's Pizzas

by Merinda Di Rita

Pizza Sourdough Health, Restaurant, Pizza Take Away with High Restaurant Standards

There are big differences which arise from our unique sourdough pizza fermentation to the regular pizza take away.

Many people who struggle to eat regular pizza find sourdough much easier on the gut and they tend to experience less bloating (since cooking pizzas for the community when we first opened our original pizzeria in 2019 on Merryland St.Ives the feedback from customers has definitely been less bloating!).

Sourdough contains significantly less gluten since the long fermentation breaks a lot of it down. The pre biotics in sourdough act as a fertiliser for the good bacteria in your gut. This helps improve digestion of the pizza and many other foods. (We use the same concept for our fresh daily breads- our flour which again is an organic flour from Naples)

Of course we all have to have a balanced diet and so a treat every now and then is good for the soul (not to mention your taste buds) especially if its a Neapolitan sourdough pizza - you just cant beat it. Our method is typically healthier than the regular take away pizza and all our toppings are cut fresh to order for each one - customers will often see our chefs behind the deli counter slicing joints of parma ham and salami on the meat slicer! Our tomatoes and mozzarella also come directly from Naples with a regular weekly delivery. You can simply taste the difference in quality.

The taste of our sourdough pizza alone is the main selling point but with the added benefit of it being good for your gut is a no brainer!

Now its time to enjoy one of our pizzas and these can be enjoyed in our Pizza Pasta Wine Restaurant or you can order online www.diritasitalian.com - select a time for pick up and the chefs will get busy preparing! A pizza take away service with high restaurant standards!

Eat Well, Live Life, Love Life  - Love Team Di Rita's xx