Sunday Lunch - Join us from 10am

by Merinda Di Rita

Sunday Lunch at Di Rita's at No 2 (The Old Bank)

Sunday is a day of rest and downtime - a day to reflect on the week and recharge.  The atmosphere at Di Rita's on a Sunday really gives you that chilled out feeling as if you were sitting in a bar in Italy over an espresso & cornetto.  Then onto lunch from 12....where you can choose from a selection of Pizzas, Pastas, Fresh Seafood boards, Anti pasti boards, steak, chicken and lots more.  Then to finish off with a delicious bakery dessert. Due to our wine preservation system you can now explore a different wine with every course without buying a whole bottle - that way you can explore other wines you would not normally try. 

Our bakery baskets are full of fresh bread in the morning from 10am  and the aromas just add to the the vibrant atmosphere.  Everyone is always welcome whether that be for a morning coffee or just to pop in for a fresh loaf. On Sunday's we do not offer our full breakfast menu - we offer fresh coffee, pastries and continental boards from 10am before our lunch menu starts from 12.  We close Sunday Evenings. 

Online Pizza orders are in full flow and are available Wednesday to Sunday from lunch to dinner - just visit our website www.diritasitalian.com or download the app.