• Merinda Di Rita

Di Rita's Italian Restaurant - Meet One Of The Team

Giuseppe Pomarici Pasta Chef Di Ritas Italian Restaurant St Ives Cambridgeshire

Here’s Chef Pippo (Giuseppe) looking stylish as ever!

Pippo joined Di Rita’s Italian Cuisine when we opened in July 2016. His heritage of food comes from Matera in Southern Italy where good eating is good living!!

Matera in Italy is more commonly known as the city of Sassi and one of the most unique destinations you can visit this year. Beauty, culture and charming landscapes not to mention the delicious cuisine. There is no doubt why this City became such an inspiration to big movies like Passion of Christ.

Pippo is passionate and his dishes are built around the classic Italian concept that great food is built on simple local ingredients.

We are excited for what Chef Pippo has up his sleeve this summer with the creation of fresh new dishes using our own crop from Di Rita's Farm...between chef Pippo and Chef Luigi....we have it all!

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