'Unreasonable Hospitality' What do we mean by this?

by Merinda Di Rita

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In restaurants our reason for being is to make people feel a sense of belonging - merely serving is not hospitality!   The food, the service, the decor - these are simply ingredients in the recipe of human connection - this is hospitality.  For Di Rita's it is all about the 'unreasonable hospitality'.(Will Guildara is an incredible book to read on this and shares the same values as us)...what do we mean by this?...well its the extra bits (the unexpected) - the important bits - its the going above and beyond to give our guests an experience- it is getting to know our guests and what they like and even right down to the day they have had before coming through our doors! -the being stuck in traffic - the birthday they missed because they were unwell -  the stressful business meeting they had - I'ts taking ordinary transactions and turning them into extraordinary experiences with us! This is really all that matters...

We have never been in business to just serve dinner but to serve you memories (and we believe since being in the community since 2016 we have developed this - and what a few years it has been! you had our back and we had yours!).  We talk a lot at our team meetings about all of our team members making their own opportunities to give our guests their own unique experiences - being present with every guest means we learn about them - our team at DiRita's is our culture - its the pleasure of making guests happy - this is why we make such a strong team as making others happy and feel good makes us all feel good -  we care about each other  - hospitality is more than serving delicious pasta - its us... its DiRita's and its something you cannot buy!

Whichever industry you are in - finance, insurance, retail - you are doing the same as us - you are serving and in every field there is an opportunity of 'unreasonable hospitality' - our guests are not a number they are unique individuals. In a world that is now more service industry led....lets be more present and see everyone as unique individuals. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us - I kind of feel a 'DiRita's Personal Development Academy' launching :) .... but who knows what the future may bring!! watch this space.... 


Love us xxx