Roast Dinners

by Merinda Di Rita

Roast Dinners, A new service here at Di Rita's

Now Open!! Every Sunday in The Da Vinci!! If you ever came to us for Christmas Day then you tasted our amazing Roast Dinners!!...Sunday lunch is a huge cultural tradition for us and we want to embrace it with all of you...we now we have some exciting news to share: 

Chef Andrew has been extremely busy working on some projects and we are delighted to announce that The Da Vinci Restaurant will now be opening every Sunday for Roast Dinners!... and in true Di Rita’s style we do not do things by halves… we are delighted to have on board Chef Joshua Boucher who worked alongside some of the best names in our industry being surrounded by chefs at El Bulli - the best restaurant in the world.  During his career, Cooking for Lady Mayorness Fiona Woolf, Lord Sainsbury (to name just a few!)

A seasoned and innovative Chef & Food Technologist with a wealth of experience working in Michelin star restaurants -  He is also the Founder of Amuse Boucher a company dedicated to bringing delicious, nutrition benefits of fermented foods to people everywhere.

After working in France for a period, he returned to London to work alongside Michelin stared Chef David Cavalier whilst cooking at Mansion House for Lady Mayorness Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor Sir David Wooton, Lord Mayor Sir Roger Gifford.

Joshua also has his own line of sauces and has focused on a new exciting challenge, creating fermented condiments and sauces as a way of offering food alternatives to improve gut health by using traditional methods.

Roast Dinners will just be a real experience here at DiRita's for all the family and a new tradition for us to offer ... join us in a chilled out setting enjoying delicious food and bakery desserts.  Our bakery & Pizzeria will also be open Sunday so the whole place will be full of happiness as we reflect on the week just gone and a fresh one to come!