The Dolce Vita Culture at DiRitas - and our Pizza Promotion

by Merinda

Pizza All day dining

The cultural heart of Italy and their Pizza pride - the reason people flock the streets of Naples from across the world.  I think, most importantly, pizza is a family food and Italy is all about family tradition.  At DiRita's our pizzas mean so much more to us than just a pizza on a plate...it is a feeling of pride.  With every bite you taste Italy and it takes us back to our roots.  La Dolce Vita is certainly the culture here at DiRita's and everything right from the pizza sauce and toppings are created with passion and pride.  

Enjoy our pizzas as a take away or within our pizza pasta wine restaurant and enjoy a beautiful wine to go with it! All our pizzas by take away can be ordered online or via telephone 01480 465737 www.diritasitalian.com 

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