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"We work hard to know our customers.... before they even arrive their wine is breathing....."

What a year (and a bit). You do not realise what you have until it is taken away from you... just like that!

We have so much passion and love that this last year we have run on adrenaline... hoping and living for good news. Walking into an empty soulless restaurant with many memories of a vibrant place to be on any night of the week.... with that gut wrenching feeling that says 'will we be back?'......and then we have to have a good word with ourselves and remind ourselves how hard we have worked... the hours we have worked and the sacrifices we have made as a family to create Di Rita's and the brand it is becoming. The team who work hard every single day to create dishes and the atmosphere that everyone has come to know and love about Di Rita's. We work hard to know our customers.... to the point that before they even arrive their wine is breathing....their pre dinner appetisers are already being freshly prepared...because we have come to know them...not just as our customer but as a family friend. This is us....this is Di Rita' is who we are! We are grateful that at the end of a hard working week you decide to spend it with us in our buzzy family restaurant. It means more than you will ever ever know!! You are supporting our dreams.

We miss evenings that turn into early hours of the morning dancing....(with the influence of limoncello of course). We will have those back once again...but bigger and better than ever before!

We are busy preparing some amazing spring/summer dishes and the cocktail team are working hard to prepare the fine details of our pre dinner cocktail list.... its going to be epic!

Our reservations email is now open and we aim to open Wednesday 19 May..(as of course we close Sunday Monday and Tuesday so our first day of trading will be the Wednesda). of course this is subject to change, however we feel like we are on the home straight and it is time to start planning...start living....and never taking anything for granted! See you all on the other side!

For bookings please email:

Our opening ours remain the same Wednesday to Saturday Lunch, Afternoon Tea & Dinner

Our deli & bakery & pizzeria on Merryland opening hours as of 1st March is Tuesday to Saturday from 9am (Pizzeria from 5pm).

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