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There's no Christmas like an Italian Christmas

Of course we are biased. When it comes to an Italian Christmas - we certainly know how to celebrate. As you can imagine food is an important part! Christmas food in Italy depends on the region (this goes for most Italian dishes) so there is no set tradition...we are just treated with an array of delicious food (not the mention the wine!)

Christmas Eve: Feast of the Seven Fishes (we only eat fish on this day)

Christmas Eve is a big celebration in Italy. A traditional Christmas Eve dish is baccala, octopus & shell fish (chef Luigi's favourite of all time). This is usually followed by a pasta dish! If you think it is just a three course meal then think again...traditionally there is way more!

Christmas Day

There is no such thing as 'Italian food'.. each region boasts its own unique culinary traditions. Some regions especially from the South start with an antipasti followed by a pasta dish then followed by a meat dish....then of course desserts and cheeses. The day is a real feast! There is of course the Italian traditional pudding of Panettone! (amongst many desserts. Panettone is an Italian type of sweet loaf originally from Milan. Our Baker at Di Rita's Deli will shortly be preparing his Panettone for order this Christmas. To us it is a must have around Christmas. especially on New Years Eve when we have a glass of Prosecco in hand (which some of you well know from joining us for our NYE party last year!)

Join us this Christmas Day for an unforgettable day!

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