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The St.Ives Busker who blew us away....(Merinda DiRita)

In the midst of this chaos, whilst working at the Deli one day - our Baker Joe and myself were having our daily chats when we heard the sound of a guitar in the distance from town. The sound of the guitar was so delicate and emotional that it stopped us in our conversation to look out of the window.

It took my attention so much that I approached the young man playing his guitar. Something I would never of had the confidence to do before but I felt drawn. When I approached him, you could see the emotion in his face and how he was just lost in his was clear to see he loved his music and he was hungry for a career in the industry.

We have spoke at length in the last few weeks about his background - at a very young age of 14 he lost his mum to cancer and battled with demons for years feeling very alone. Working hard with determination but also wanted a career in music.

He purchased his first guitar nearly 2 years ago and has played every day since and has never looked back. During the pandemic he was

asked to play his music to a cancer patient and other people in need...refusing every time for any money offered.

There are moments in life when music nurtures us. When we can’t seem to explain joy or sadness, when emotions block us off and when we have something to celebrate. It transports us to a magic world to a place more tolerable and I suppose that is why he gets lost in his music.

As you know Di Rita’s mission in life is to connect and help people grow into their best versions. The food we eat is so important to our life as a whole but surrounding yourself with positivity helps us grow as individuals.

We are delighted that we have employed Peter to perform on 4 July at our opening just him and his guitar doing what he does best. You can enjoy your evening with space, sit back and relax. We are not just opening the doors to the restaurant .....but we are opening the doors to kindness, love and appreciation.

It is time for growth and opportunity. This pandemic has hopefully allowed us all to reflect on life..enjoy the sounds of nature. Showing gratitude to one another and respecting each other. Life needs to be celebrated and it is our mission to help.

We cannot wait to see you all love Team Di Rita’s ❤️

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