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The heartache and how we are feeling right now...(Merinda Di Rita)

Wow...just wow! Who would have thought when we were dancing the night away on NYE we would be heading for what the last few months have put us all through! It was with such heartache that we had to close the doors in March. We cannot explain the feeling we felt- one could say it was like ripping our hearts out and leaving us numb. Saying goodbye to the team just like that!

Di Rita’s is not just a place of work it is our life and our family all in one. Our children Ilaria & Gino who many of you have come to know in the last few weeks are a massive part of our family business and being part of the St.Ives community makes us beyond proud!!

We cannot thank you enough for your kind words and support throughout. At one point a few days after closing myself and one of our regular customers just stood in the middle of our bakery and sobbed...I think our faces said it all...heartbroken! This is a moment I will never forget and when I look back at this moment I can say with confidence that Di Rita’s has given much more than we give ourselves credit for.

So...we done what Di Rita’s does best...we held our heads up and pulled our sleeves up and got planning for the future! We had to say goodbye to the restaurant team for a while whilst some supported the DiRita’s Pizzeria & Deli on Merryland. We worked extremely hard throughout lockdown to keep things going and delivery to our customers in isolation so birthdays, wedding anniversaries could all still be celebrated. From afternoon tea deliveries to deli and bakery items pizzas, wines, prosecco and much more! We quickly developed a system for delivery having had no experience before and our much loved Chef Hannah has been delivering throughout with myself and Chef Andrew (founder of DiRitas). We are delighted that we are going to continue with our delivery of pizzas.

So now the next chapter is about to commence having just got over the first hurdle. We will be working hard to make sure you have a safe environment but that the atmosphere is just how it was and we will not accept anything different!

We are so excited to be opening our restaurant doors on Saturday 4 July to once again light up Bridge Street. This is a special day for us as this marks our four year anniversary of being in business! An emotional night I am sure! Chef Luigi, Chef Andrew, Chef Hannah are excited to be back! We will be opening Wednesday to Saturday lunch and dinner going forward as a family worklife balance is important to us and the work that goes into menu creation and events will be done on Monday and Tuesday

as we develop our events team . We have a fantastic lunch menu which Chef Hannah runs and some exciting dishes on our evening menu.

You will never know how much your love and support has meant to it just is not possible to explain this emotion without the tears. Thank you forever St.Ives and we will see you on the other side xxx

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