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Some tried putting Chef Andrew off by saying the sourdough pizza was hard work!!....(our story)

Back in April 2019 we opened the Deli & Bakery in St Ives. We were also meant to open the Pizzeria at the same time, however, in

true Di Rita's Style it had to be perfect. After weeks and weeks of trials and frustrations, the Chef Andrew and the team worked hard to come up with a pizza dough he was happy with. We tried different flours (had the pizza academy in Naples on speed dial). We even had the award-winning pizza chef from Naples come and visit the team to get to the bottom of what type of pizza Andrew was trying to create! It was an honour to have one of the best pizza chefs in Italy spend the day with us. We still have regular contact and to be involved with the pizza crowd in Italy is fantastic. Of course, we knew how to make pizza (it's in our DNA after all) but Andrew wanted a particular kind of style and taste for people in the UK to enjoy and experience a true taste of Italy. This is when the sourdough pizza was born for Di Rita’s!

Some tried putting Andrew off by saying the sourdough pizza would be hard work and to stick to a normal dough! Andrew was adamant he wanted to create a sourdough pizza. He was persistent in his approach and now we have all fallen in love with Di Rita's Sourdough Pizza. We eventually opened the takeaway Pizzeria in St Ives in September 2019 (6 months later we hit a pandemic!)

All our dough is made on site (it does not travel around) it is freshly made with a 20-hour proving time. The work that goes into our dough is incredible. The water temperature, the temperature of the room all must be correct. For us it is not just about putting any old dough together. It must be perfect and each and every pizza is made with passion. This is our life and our family business! #stives #stivescambs #localbusiness #italianpizzeria #freshdough #stivescambridgeshire #delivery #takeaway

I could now go on and write a whole blog on our passata sauce that goes on your pizzas, as this too had to be a certain way before Andrew was happy! All fresh ingredients on absolutely everything that goes on your pizzas! Including many locally grown toppings. Our Mozzarella is made to order for us. It is the best wet mozzarella, we do not use anything frozen, we do not even have a freezer on site. When the dough is gone its gone!

Come and try our Pizza and fall in love with Di Rita's - a local Italian family

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