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“Outstanding, Best Pizza in Cambridgeshire by far” -bibendum1980-

Our Pizzeria & Deli is based on Merryland St.Ives.

Your family Pizzeria open from Tuesday to Saturday (bakery by day/pizzeria by night)

Our pizzaiola is passionate and dedicated to the love of pizzas and cooks traditionally making our signature pizzas with the best ingredients such as the San Daniel , fresh wet mozzarella, our own passata sauce, Parma ham (sliced from the joint of Parma harma- none of our toppings come ready done in a packet!), Parmesan shavings & rocket.

Ingredients are key to recreating the authentic flavours of Italy, and all our produce is directly imported and locally sourced to bring you only be best and freshest ingredients. Our sourdough pizzas are a slow rise 24 hour dough which adds to the taste!

Pizza Delivery and Collection from 5pm. Our Pizzeria is open from 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. Our deli & bakery from the same premises is open from 9am Tuesday to Saturday 01480 465339 #pizza #pizzadelivery #takeawaywithrestaurantclass

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