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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Opened in July 2016 by owner Andrew Di Rita whose dream has always been to run his own Italian restaurant for a shared celebration of Italian eating. "Being Italian I have always had a love for food and as a young boy I worked in my father's Italian restaurant. As soon as I stepped foot into the restaurant I developed a strong passion and this was mainly due to other people's delight at enjoying our food". Luigi (Andrew's father) has been an established chef in the St.ives Cambridgeshire area for 40 years and customers have travelled from afar for his food. Andrew now works as Chef together with his father Luigi - creating some amazing dishes. The old and the new Italian chef is what is bringing Di Rita's to another level!

What we live for!

There are four words which define Italians…Passion, Pride, Happiness & Style with Italian food, passion and flavour and emotion always close to the surface. quality food and where it comes from. We only source the highest quality food and this does come at a high cost to us, however this is a passion for us and is a priority!

Italian Passion

Is it possible to acquire la passione italiana? the heart of every person, wherever they are born, whatever their education or tastes, there is one small corner which is Italian. This is the place, that feeds the desire to live and love fully, to pursue beauty, to cherish family and enjoy the company of kind spirits, to speak and act with flair, to recognise but not entirely care about the things that do not matter and to care fiercely about those that matter most and this is where la passion italiana takes root. When you dine with us you leave feeling like you have been part of our family which makes us glow with pride.

Merinda Di Rita xx

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