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Here we go....we still have a lot of fight left- a Ferrari with no breaks -someone once described us

From the St.Ives Italian restaurant that have given you laughs when you have needed it, heart to hearts when life has been tough, engagements and weddings and above all the freshest cuisine and a love for life and opportunity.

Here we find ourselves again...just weeks since opening the doors again. We have no words to explain the heartbreak we feel right now. Once again we close the doors. A team that are unstoppable in every sense of the word - a Ferrari with no breaks someone once described us! To a have a team that have the same vision and determination as us is something no one can buy. We are truly blessed! so what now??!

In true Di Rita’s style...we adapt! We have a lot of fight in us and no one will get in our way and certainly not Covid! Some of the team will be putting all their efforts and love into the pizzeria & deli joining Baker Joe, Chef Andrew, Chef Hannah & Chef Luca . We will be delivering the freshest food made with passion and love. We will never make do...quality is what we all need and most importantly our immune systems need quality. As you all know we are a take away with restaurant standards! Using organic produce as much as possible and organic flour for our breads and can’t go wrong! We will be delivering through the day breads, cakes, made to order lasagne, afternoon teas, pasta sauces, deli meats and cheeses, wines, prosecco and lots more!!.

Our bakery and deli is open from 9am Monday to Saturday. Pizza delivery through the evening from 5pm Monday to Saturday. We are determined to bring Italy to you! We may be locked down but that does not mean we cannot light your senses and take you away from the pressures of life right now! 🇮🇹

Tomorrow will be our last day until Wed 2 December when we are told we can open so until then we hope you will support us at the Pizzeria & Deli. See you on the otherside...we are all set for Christmas and what an event that will be!!.....

from everyone at Di Rita’s....thank you, stay positive and be strong 💪 🇮🇹❤️ #bestrestaurant #italianfamily #pizzeria #pizzashop #localbusiness #stivescambs #cambridgeshirefood #DiRitaly #wegotthis #pasta #italianfood #lockdownisnotforever #openforchristmas

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