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Happy Birthday to our Sourdough Starter - Sophia

WOW....and just like that Di Rita’s Pizzeria & Deli has been OPEN a year today! More on the blog later on the struggles we have come by and our determination to give you all the best quality! The support recieved from customers is just simply...EMOTIONAL and beyond anything we ever imagined. Thank you for following our vision and dreams for a better quality life and a community who can celebrate the love of good food with us.

🥳 Happy 1st Birthday to Sophia the Sourdough Starter - we created our sourdough a year ago and oh my goodness has she done well. We named her Sophia. She has been temperamental at times....but generally well behaved. We feed her daily and she has created the best sourdough bread we have ever tasted (and we have tasted a lot whilst on this journey). She has taken St.Ives by storm (with customers reserving their sourdough bread days in advance) and has turned people’s habits into buying bread from a bakery and not from a supermarket. The reviews we have had has been amazing. Our biggest achievement is that we have had quite a few gluten intolerant customers (not celiac may we add) who love our sourdough and have since found out that actually it is the preservatives and chemicles in bread that was causing them to feel unwell. We are now able to cater for them. We use no nasty preservatives and this is something we are very proud of! What you feed your bodies is so important. A treat can be a treat but do it properly...why add preservatives?! When you can enjoy something fresh from a bakery 😊❤️☀️🍰

We thought this sourdough starter that rises all our sourdough loaves deserved a bit of a party. Unfortunately we cannot all be together so the team are FaceTiming later and raising a glass! 🥂

Of course like all great parties it will take place in the kitchen, centred around food, baking, and sourdough 😊

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