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Family Date Night

Enjoy the moment and disconnect! Relax and forget about work stresses, media and the to do list! Sitting down with friends and family has been shown to increase happiness and help with mental health.

Releases Positive Emotions - take time to laugh and share stories and enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal.

Eating out creates a distraction free family time - it can be tough to find time together at home and even dinner feels rushed. Put the phone away and turn the TV off and make a family date night- eating out can become a family tradition and is great for kids to explore food and learn about difficult cultures and traditions.

Here at Di Rita’s we are a family restaurant and for comes before most things and food with family is the best! We open early from 5.30pm so you can still make that bedtime routine 🥰

Di Rita’s Italian - always creating memories 🇮🇹

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