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DiRitas Pizzeria being interviewed next week...proud to stand with the minority & create a legacy

Next week we are being interviewed on sustainability, zero waste. You will know this is important to us. The reward for doing what we do is to serve a purpose! We are not prepared to get out of bed in the morning and run a business solely on profit! In fact we may lose business in a world that is so money driven on negotiation and haggling for the cheapest ingredients despite how it was made and the history of that producer- but this is against our family values. We are not prepared to do this. Using organic flour for our pizzas and breads means working closely with our producers supporting a method of farming that is less polluting for the planet and better for our customers health. It may cost us more money in ingredients but if we did not have this drive and passion our flavours would not stand out and we didn’t go into business to sit with the majority. Even right down to working with our mozzarella producers. Some may say we are blind but we believe it’s time all businesses start to think about the wider impact of their decisions - we all need to make a collective difference and that difference starts now! In a world where nature prevails...we need to make that difference...your commitment to our family business is a commitment to local farmers in the U.K. and Italy.

We are more than a pizzeria we are a family pizzeria that has values that support our customers and the environment and you only need to taste our pizzas once...and it will take your senses to Italy...again and again....the same goes for our bakery where we use the same flour and same methods #deli #bakery #organicflour #stiveacambs #stivescambridgeshire #huntingdonshire #supportinglocalfarmers #workingtogether #thetasteofitaly #familyvalues #italianpizzeria #familybusiness #delivery #foodsdelivery #pizzadelivery #familypizza

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