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Di Rita’s Italian...the reason for our passion

Di Rita’s Mission - fresh food “eat well, live well, love life” - so many times we grab something quick on the go not thinking about where that food has come from and the effects on us. At Di Rita’s we have a life long journey that is our project...we will never EVER give up on our journey of health & personal development and this all starts with the food we eat...we will always source the best for our customers and this is the reason behind Di Rita’s Farm. The hours spent on the farm growing for our kitchens both at our restaurant and now our Deli. We believe you can have food on the go and treat yourself to take away without the need for guilt and that is one of the reasons for the opening of our Deli & nasty added preservatives in our breads or cakes, using only organic flour. Enjoy a fresh panini (a dough that has been slowly risen) that has not been frozen and ready made. We only prepare fresh for our customers as we believe we all deserve the best. This is more than a restaurant to us!🇮🇹#DiRitasFarm #DiRitaly #projectDiRitas #passion #nevergivingup #foodislife #stivescambs #stivescambridgeshire

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