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A year on....

This time last year we were completely heartbroken 💔 so many we could not sell and the restaurant that was full and buzzing just the weekend before was completely empty. Looking out the window to an empty St.Ives just felt like a complete ghost town.

The team cried endless tears and even our customers could see how broken we felt. We were confused, worried and did not know what was coming next! The moment a customer came over to the bakery and shed a tear was a moment we will never forget. The endless customer messages that came flooding in that evening was overwhelming. When we look back at this moment we can say with confidence that Di Rita’s has given much more than we give ourselves credit for. (To write this blog now is even making me well up). Your support will never be forgotton.

So...we done what Di Rita’s does best...we held our heads up and pulled our sleeves up and got planning for the future! We had to say goodbye to the restaurant team for a while whilst some supported the DiRita’s Pizzeria & Deli on Merryland.

We worked extremely hard throughout lockdown to keep things going and delivery to our customers in isolation so birthdays, wedding anniversaries could all still be celebrated. Travelling to get our pasta supplies from our Italian suppliers as of course this was when the world went crazy over pasta! Spending double sometimes on our normal high quality produce because of the demand! - From afternoon tea deliveries to deli and bakery items pizzas, wines, prosecco and much more! We quickly developed a system for delivery having had no experience before (having only been open a year as a collection take away) and our much loved Chef Hannah Chef Andrew delivered.

A year on and we are back being in a lockdown...we have grown stronger as a business and as individuals. We have had many ups and downs throughout lockdown and we now feel as if the fog is clearing and we are ready to start this new chapter in 2021. We are due to open on Wednesday 19th May and we cannot wait!

Thank you for all of your kind words and support this last year. #lockdown #future #localbusiness #stiveslocal #italian #localbusiness #reopening

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