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A weekend of heartfelt support from our St.Ives Community....from Di Rita’s

After speaking with a customer this weekend, I feel the need to write this post as it is something that just sits right with me. A customer expressed how Di Rita’s was more than a meal was their “saving grace” on many occasions how they felt they could let go and feel “normal” a place where they had a true warm feeling of community support around them. This then led to me welling up....and then them also welling up....which of course then meant another bottle of wine should be we both treasured that sip of wine to the good times we have had at Di Rita’s.....

The season of feeling festive is fully upon us, and we can all agree that this year has been difficult for many. Months of social distancing has shown us just how important it is to appreciate others and be grateful for what we have.

The team at Di Rita’s have worked so hard to make this December special for you...we have worked hours behind the scenes to be adapt as much as we support you and your loved ones. From celebrations that we have still made happen by delivery or an isolated room in our restaurant. To fresh bread and pizza deliveries.

Christmas for us is a feeling not a season. For us Italians Christmas Eve is celebrated all day and sadly for our family back home they cannot do what they usually do on this day. So we are going to make sure that with all our hearts and passion we will make the most of every moment with our customers this Christmas 🎄 we cannot wait to see you from Wednesday this week open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. #christmasday #christmasdinner #family #bestrestaurant #stivescambs #stivescambridgeshire #freshcooking #italianfamily #localfamily #italiandood #dinner #lunch #afternoontea #datenight #family #weddings #birthdays #celebrarions

To everyone that has supported us....we thank you from the very bottom of our hearts ♥️ we will always be here for you like you are for us! Thank you 😊

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