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Project Di Rita's - we are more than a business...

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Di Rita's Mission Statement - Andrew Di Rita

To deliver excellence while expanding our awareness of the importance to eat well, to live well, while creating opportunity and wealth for all concerned and connecting us with natural resources.

Di Rita's is more than a business it is a project with a vision.

We are passionate and honest in our vision to raise the bar and set new standards. We believe everyone has the ability to grow and develop into the greatest version of themselves, we take great pleasure in supporting people through the creation of opportunity, training and friendship.

Consuming the right foods is also key in our development. Food is fuel and medicine for our bodies and understanding the pro's and con's of what we eat is vital in our natural quest to live a life of longevity and wealth.

Connecting ourselves with the natural resources available to us from our land can provide a new future of health and happiness.

We support farm to fork cuisine reducing the need the check the ingredients, if it fell from a tree or sprouted from the ground...then we want it on our plate, sowed and reaped with our own hands from local soil is our truest belief while supporting other local businesses in the process.

We are approaching three years in business are very proud of the support we have received at Di Rita's Italian from friends, family and clientele in getting us to the next chapter in our vision.

Di Rita's farm allotment is underway thus allowing us over the coming years to gain a greater understanding of natural foods and the incredible health benefits. (photos below of us learning the ropes!)

Keep in touch and follow updates on some VERY exciting news set to hit St.Ives in the next couple of months.

From all of us at Di Rita's - Eat well, live well, love life

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