• Merinda Di Rita

What you may not know about Prosecco!

In recent years Prosecco has become very popular but there’s more to know about the little bubbles we have become well known with eg it’s ancient roots and it’s potential connection to a long life!!! 

Prosecco came from a village called Prosecco in the suburb of Trieste. 

The name Prosecco is actually Slovenian from Prozek of “path through the woods”. now Prosecco extends from beyond the small village where it all began. 

Did you know the original Bellini recipe used Prosecco - not champagne! In Harry’s Bar in Venice a clever barman came up with a clever drink: fresh white peaches pushed through sieve, the purée topped with crisp, bright Prosecco. 

Prosecco didn’t actually bubble until the 19th century. It wasn’t until Antonio Carpene first subjected the still white wine to a second fermentation that Prosecco acquired its now long association with bubbles. The Carpene Malvolti winery was the first to produce Prosecco as we know and enjoy today! 

Come and enjoy a glass (or bottle) of Prosecco at DiRita’s...after all remember there is a connection to a long life ☺️

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