New Developments at Di Rita's

by Merinda Di Rita

New Improved developments

New improved developments at Di Rita's! We have updated our website so to make it easier to choose between The Da Vinci Restaurant or the Pizza Pasta Deli (all day dining). The Team have been working incredibly hard at creating the spring menu which we have just launched in The Da Vinci Restaurant to go live on Wednesday 12 April. We are so excited for this menu and the next few months are going to be epic! 

You will now notice internal signs for The Da Vinci - feel free to pop and view The restaurant even if you are just popping in for a coffee.  Our winters menu in The Da Vinci will continue until Wed 12 April. 

Breakfast - we are delighted to announce that you can now reserve your breakfast table in The Pizza Pasta Deli (all day dining) online www.diritasitalian.com - enjoy an array of delights which include our fresh bakery bread. Open Wed to Saturday from 9am (Sundays from 10am- Sunday) 01480 465737

The Garden - We will be launching our Mediterranean garden shortly!! dogs welcome! a great addition to Di Rita's - enjoy cocktails, coffee & nibbles!  

Easter Weekend - join us for Easter Afternoon Tea, Easter Day Roast, fresh calamari and lots lots more!