Festive Anti Pasti Boxes

by Merinda Di Rita

Christmas pre orders -Festive Anti pasti boxes 

Eat like an Italian with our Antipasti selection this Christmas, a collection of the finest finger foods.  You'll find the best olives, pickled in juices and natural flavours of sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes. Then there's the star of the show with our different cured meats including - thinly sliced prosciutto crudo (its the best way!) Then onto our cheese which are to die for!! Gorgonzola Dolce, Pecorino, to name a few - Enjoy as a celebratory platter or as a selection of nibbles to enjoy over the Christmas festive season....its a foodies heaven! £29,50 for a large platter which includes our fresh bread and an after dinner treat. #dinner #stivescambs #bakery #italiandeli 

To place your order please contact the front of house on 01480 465737 or order online www.diritasitalian.com - or you can even pop in and have a few taste tests!