Located on 21 Bridge St., St. Ives, United Kingdom

A new restaurant has opened its doors in St Ives Town Centre. Located on Bridge Street Di Rita’s is a family run Italian restaurant that produces the finest authentic Italian cuisine.

Owner Andrew Di Rita who was excited at the prospect of fulfilling his dreams by owning his own restaurant and turning Di Rita’s into the best place to eat in town.

Andrew explained “Being Italian I have always had a love for food and as a young boy I worked in my father’s Italian restaurant. As soon as I stepped foot into the restaurant I developed a strong passion and this was mainly due to other people’s delight at enjoying our food”.

Andrew’s father has been an established chef in St Ives area for forty years and people have travelled from afar for his food 

Andrew went on to say “My father joined me in our new family venture and feels he has a new lease of life, creating some of the best food in all of his career, complimented with a great new team around him.

I have always had a dream of owning my own restaurant one day so I can give a unique service to customers which thrives on passion and love for great Italian food, delivered to an exceptional standard.

We are now delighted to open Di Rita’s to all our customers who have remained loyal to us throughout the years and I also very much look forward to meeting new customers and introducing them to our authentic Italian cuisine experience.



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21, Bridge Street
St. Ives
United Kingdom
PE27 5EH



5.30pm – 9.30pm


Di Rita’s is modern and sleek in style but creating traditional Italian food, characterised by simplicity and good ingredients... key to producing the finest Italian dishes ... at Di Rita’s we are passionate about it!!

Opened in July 2016 by owner Andrew Di Rita whose dream has always been to run his own Italian restaurant for a shared celebration of Italian eating.

Italian dining is about savouring every course ...using recipes passed down through the generations.

At Di Rita's we use local produce as much as possible together with the freshest seasonal ingredients possible.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to offering you the best possible service. Your dining experience or event with us will be a guaranteed success! Having established a reputation for delivery beyond expectation...Di Rita's will make it happen every time.



Luigi - originally from the Molise region and well known in St.Ives for over 30 years for his traditional italian cooking. People have come from all over to try Luigi's food.

....and Pippo, whose heritage of Italian food comes from Matera in Southern Italy, where good eating is good living.


Olives or bread with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
1 x 3,50 / 2 x 6,00


Beef tomato, bocconcini di mozzarella, basil with olive oil & a balsamic glaze

Tagliere misto
Selection of italian cured meats with rocket, bocconcini di mozzarella & pickled vegetables

Straccetti di manzo
Shredded beef pan seared with balsamic served on a bed of rocket

Gamberoni all'arancia
Large whole king prawns flambé with brandy & orange
Guazzetto di cozze
Mussels cooked in our tomato sauce with parsley & white wine

Frittura di calamari
White squid rings deep fried in flour served with a mayonnaise dip

Prosciutto e melone
Parma ham slices with melon

Salmone con salsa tartara
Salmon fillets deep fried in breadcrumbs with a salad garnish served with our homemade tartare sauce

Bruschetta doppia
Toasted Italian bread, one topped with tomatoes, oregano & olive oil & one topped with artichoke heart,
roasted peppers, parsley, garlic & olive oil

Secondi piatti

Paste e risotti


Spaghetti alla carbonara
Traditional roman recipe with pecorino cheese, bacon & egg
Tagliatelle con capesante
Pasta served with baby scallops with a parsley & caper pesto (contains nuts)

Spaghetti alla San Giovannina
Spaghetti with olive oil, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, olives & capers
Linguine allo scoglio
Mixed fish & shell fish cooked in olive oil, white wine, cherry tomatoes & chilli

Paglio e Fieno con gorgonzola e pollo
Green & yellow pasta with diced chicken in a gorgonzola cream sauce topped with rocket

Ravioli in crema di limone
Ravioli filled with scampi and crab cooked in a lemon cream sauce
Lilly e il Vagabondo
Spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce with home made meatballs


Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci
Fresh pasta rolled with ricotta and spinach served in a creamy tomato sauce


Risotto marinara e ortaggi
Risotto with smoked salmon, prawns, white fish, courgette & asparagus in vegetable stock
Risotto Luigi
Risotto with strips of fillet of beef with onion, mushrooms, peppers & chilli in a tomato sauce
* Our pasta is cooked from fresh please allow 15-20 minutes *

Secondi piatti


Cotoletta alla milanese
Chicken breast in bread crumbs topped with crispy garlic & chilli in butter

Pollo al Marsala
Chicken breast cooked in cream of marsala wine

Tagliata di manzo
Fillet steak sliced & served on a bed of rocket drizzled with balsamic & topped with parmesan shavings
Filetto Luigi
Fillet steak with sauce of gorgonzola, cream & brandy

Bistecca alla birra
Rib-eye steak with onions & Italian craft artisan beer

Bistecca al pepe
Rib-eye steak with cream, brandy & whole peppercorns

* Our steaks are locally sourced & dry hung for 28 days
then pan seared in their own juices for a fuller more succulent flavour *

Saltinbocca alla romana
Slices of veal with ham & fresh sage cooked in butter & white wine

Scallopine al limone
Slices of veal with white wine & limone

Tonno alla puttanesca
Tuna loin cooked with olives & capers in a light tomato sauce

Spigola con gamberi
Seabass cooked with prawns in a cream of tomato sauce
All meat & fish dishes are served with rosemary potatoes

Hot side dishes

Peperone romano
Roasted Romano pepper drizzled with extra virgin olive oil & seasoned

Spinaci ripassati
Spinach cooked with garlic & olive oil

Fagiolini saltati in padella
Spring beans with butter & olive oil

Vegetali arrosto
Oven roasted aubergine, courgette, peppers & onion with olive oil

Cold side dishes

Insalata mista
Salad with tomatoes, olives, cucumber, peppers & onion our homemade dressing served seperate

Insalata di cipolla e fagioli
Onion and cannellini bean salad seasoned with oregano drizzled with olive oil

All dishes are available in smaller portions.

Many of our dishes contain garlic or onion. If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. We are happy to adapt the ingredients to suit your requirements.

Gratuity will be added for tables of five persons or above.


Speak to our experienced staff for a bespoke service when booking your event. Having established a reputation for delivery beyond expectation...Di Rita's will make it happen every time. We are passionate about it delivering.

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21, Bridge Street
St. Ives
United Kingdom
PE27 5EH

Tel: 01480 465737


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